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Hello my Loves,

Hope you are doing ok and still keeping safe. This video has taken a little longer to get here than I'd anticipated because editing has just been such a struggle (*sob*).

I however decided not to be too hard on myself and take things easy because I wouldn't want to put out the rushed versions of the same. How are you coping with life so far?

I am currently still in my pjs at 1356hrs planning to continue watching 90 days fiance right after I press publish to this as I have my lunch. I sometimes forget what day it is to be honest but immensely grateful that I get to have full days of doing my projects whenever the mojo comes knocking.

I feel like some of us could come out renowned chefs after this because of how we've been throwing down in the kitchen. I think I've made a fresh cake every two to three days and can even whip up my favorite coconut cake in my sleep. Your girl even makes her own custard for the dressing (who am I these days (Lol)). This actually reminds me that I need to make a chocolate one tonight..Doing this and Youtube with a few reality shows have been the programme of most days especially when I'm not creating.

That said, this week's video is a special one. This old skirt is from one of my colleagues and friends who came to me and talked of getting rid of it since it had done enough service for her. Looking and the fabric, I knew there was no way I'd let it go to waste still having so much potential and I could tell of the good quality right off the bat.

I took on the challenge and here we are!!!! I am OBSESSED with this new look which you can watch here and cannot wait to wear back to the office when things get back to normal. I was so happy with how the two shades complemented each other and how the new leftover fabric brought life to the skirt. It was such a beautiful shoot day with my sister.

Also, I have introduced a new sketch series on my IGTV but currently thinking to also bring here just for record and keeps that entails a full process of me drawing the sketches before I transform them. Please scroll to the bottom to see my Instagram feed and have a look at how I sketched this piece and the next ones to follow.

I'll stop here and proceed to fix my lunch then continue with my current reality series. Please continue staying safe and hanging in there Love.

Sending you warm hugs Xx

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