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GET READY WITH ME #GRWM ft. My Current Favorite Ankara Set|Aimies Closet

Happy Saturday my loves,

Hope we are all keeping safe and still maintaining social distancing as much as we can. Today I've got a really cute video of this gorgeous Ankara Set that I made last year but didn't get to sell. I remember saying to myself that once I was done with it, I would make a replica of it for keeps and when it happened that I didn't get to sell it, I knew for sure I'd keep it for myself.

This print is actually quite special because it matches with the portrait that I can actually say is one of my greatest works so far. That and the fact that it is quite sentimental to me. I made it last year as well during one of the hardest periods of my life. This is actually why I hold it so dear to me. Aside from the fact that it's quite stunning, it has played a huge role in my healing. Sometimes I'd lay back and just get lost looking at her for hours (I'm not kidding).

There's something really soothing about her. The butterflies as well have been a major love through out my life. Anything with butterflies on them usually has me sold and I couldn't be happier having put them together to create this masterpiece.

I ended up filming this video till so late in the night. It rained all day and night that day and I could literally feel myself re-living the moment as I edited the video. It was a beautiful, peaceful session and I remember looking at the clock when I was done and couldn't believe it was past midnight. Time truly does fly when you're lost in doing things that you love. I never take these moments for granted. You can catch the full video here, and, please don't forget to subscribe.

I cannot wait to wear this set out when this pandemic is over. I am currently cooped up on my couch but planning to have a long relaxing hair-care day today so I will stop here and wish you an amazing weekend. Please do continue keeping safe loves. I wish you nothing but good health, love and safety.

Until the next one, bye loves.

Hugs XX

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