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Hello my loves,

How are you doing? I've missed this space so much. So sorry I pulled another MIA stunt (Again). That said, I truly hope and pray you are safe and keeping well wherever you are. I on the other hand have been doing gratefully well. I consciously decided to take it easy while collectively practicing social distancing and embracing the lockdown a day at a time.

The past few weeks have been quite something and I intentionally chose to be very selective on the content I digested. My main focus went back to my solitude appreciation. I've also equally had days where I've had some very precious productions that I honestly can't wait to share over the next spread of posts. Somehow I've managed to finish all the stash of transformations that I had in stock and pending. With this, it's quite something that I've had the drive for all these things except editing. I opted not to be too hard on myself about it because this is a space I love to come to with a positive flow.

A few other things that I found myself drawing towards was journaling. Man, it truly hit me just how much I enjoyed it and the joy it brought me. Reminded me of my writing days. Something that not many know is that I used to write ebooks. Some really good memories those are! I went back to some basic yoga as well and looking back even as I write this I see how self soothing everything I chose to do turned out to be. More like a truly transformational entire body, mind and spirit detox. Trust me, the meh days have been there a handful as well but I am grateful that majority of them have been healing and satisfying and those are the ones I choose to continue riding through this wave.

I try as much as I can to mainly focus on content and channels that compliment the journey I envision for myself and like-minded people online and it's been so amazing to see how incredibly talented and gifted people are everywhere around us. I know there's many going through silent mental and physical battles at the same time as well. If I'd advice anything in this, try focus on the things and people who inspire the journey you aspire to take (feels like I spat some bars there (lol)). Scout for inspirational daily quotes and funny content that can make you laugh hard.

I believe we already have so much affecting us so if we can try to find and channel those avenues, be it art, writing, painting, baking or people and influencers that inspire us, then the tension in the can be a little more bearable. It's also helped as well that I am generally a huge introvert. I know extroverts are affected most and if you can take a walk or jog around your hood while observing the precautions I can promise you'll feel abit better. Feel the sun and air on your face if and when you can. Try do 20-30 minutes stretches on the days you wouldn't want to do home exercises at all. The stretches help so much too.

The other thing that I've surprisingly found to be so fulfilling is brewing essential oils. This has literally changed my life and taken the glow of my skin to a whole new level. The brewing process has been so soothing for me with discovery of some amazing new music. (Here's my current listen of playlist incase you'd care for some good music). Since majority of us have had nothing but time on our hands, I've tried some new baking recipes as well and have pretty much found a new favorite cake. I'll post the entire processes of two that I made on my Instagram so feel free to follow incase you'd want to see and give them a try and keep up with my posts once I post them.

Now to the business of the day, this week's project is a Part 2 of this beautiful Bedcover series that I got at Toy Market (This is a thrift market in Nairobi, Kenya). I couldn't believe it's been exactly 10 posts since I posted Part 1. Amazing how they've flown by and come together so beautifully. I think the next sets of transformations to come have a ounce more feels because I completely got lost in them without worry of time or other mandatory commitments that happen on normal work weeks. So excited!!

You can catch the full video to this current post here and subscribe to my YouTube Channel if you haven't already. Do stay safe and strong during this period remembering we are together collectively and that God's got us. See you soon :). Until the next one, bye Loves.

Hugs XX

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