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Hello my loves,

Happy Valentines Weekend!!!

I hope you’re enjoying it with the ones you love the most and that the week has been productive and smooth. This week’s post goes perfectly with the love theme and obsessed is pretty much the only word that best fits my sentiments on this number.

I know ruffles aren’t everyone’s cup of tea but I am in the lot that absolutely loves them. I got this dress in toy market for one hundred Kenya Shillings ($1). Talk of a bargain huh!!. The richness in this red was the initial thing that caught my eye with the flare detail that meant I had as much fabric as possible for this project.

When editing the video I realized just how beautiful the dress was as is and could easily pass for as an extravagant gown when accessorized for the part but the excitement to transform it surpassed this feeling.

You can watch the full video here or scroll to the bottom of this post for the direct video. Do share your thoughts and let me know if this is something that you’d add to your closet. Until the next one, sending you loads of love and light.

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