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GET READY WITH ME #GRWM ft. Lillian Ankara Shift Dress|Aimies Closet

Good Saturday Morning Loves,

Hope you've all had a productive week. Mine has been such a drag. Drag in thoughts, drag in execution and just all round meh!!!! Wondering if the year is feeling the same for you so far. I know when this goes up I'll be on the road to start off my weekend. I always look forward to roadtrip home.

I'm going to see Mama bear and this brings so much joy to my heart because I deeply miss her. This week has been particularly a struggle with execution.

I have ALOT of to-do's and the energy for some reason has just been really elusive. All I've wanted to do is eat chocolate and stay in as much as possible.

Life however doesn't spare us and keeps staring you in the face with that guilt streak that comes at the end of the day when you know you could've done more and achieved more that day. "Breathe Aimie" this has been my daily slogan because your girl has been out of it almost every single day this week.

That said, I'll give a little credit for the little I've done despite the meh-ness, this post being one of them and getting a few orders done and out of my plate.

I decided to focus on the little wins despite how minute. I am looking forward to being spoilt with Mum's cooking and love. More than anything, I feel like I've never appreciated my Mum as much as I do at this point and time in my life. Grateful defines it all. She truly is my rock.

Enough of the mushy talk.... This week's post is a get ready with me of this beautiful piece. This is a prototype I made for my fall collection last year and obsessed is the term I have to describe my love for it. The colors and prints are so unique and give this rich sense of class. Got to go on a getaway right after shooting it and thinking back now, all I have are the TAKE-ME-BACK feels!!!

I'll be holding a closet clearance sale soon and this dress will be among the sale so look out for that and ensure to follow me on Instagram to know when it goes down (link is at the bottom of this page).

I will stop here and let you enjoy the full video here and wish you an amazing weekend.

Sending you loads of hugs.

Until the next one..... Bye loves.

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