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Hello My Loves,

Hope you’ve all had an amazing week. January is off to such a great start on my end and I couldn’t be more grateful. The week has been smooth and rewarding and I am looking forward to the weekend to wind down after a few errands I have underway.

This week’s project is all Sass and Sexy in one and I am beyond obsessed with this look. The initial oversize dress caught my eye because of the texture and amount of stretch the fabric allowed and I knew I’d get away with creating this two set magic.

My obsession with the versatility of this set is also something to write home about. I can wear the skirt really low to show some abs (non-existent at the moment) and tie the top in a different way to give the set a different feel and look and the thickness is amazing in that it holds everything together.

I am going to be rocking this look pretty soon for a girls night out with my bestie and I know with a classy trench to battle the cold, your girl will be staying classy all night.

You can watch the full video here and don’t forget to share and subscribe as it truly helps my channel. I think I’ll stop here and wish you all an amazing weekend ahead. Until the next project, bye my loves.

Hugs Xx

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