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Happy New Year my loves.

I hope you've started it on a good note and that you had a great break over Christmas. I am so happy and excited to be back here and so grateful for those who emailed just to check in. Those messages truly warm my heart.

Last year was quite something and I am in the lot that was looking forward for it to come to an end. Hard-resets were the order of the day majority of it. This in turn took a toll on your girl and she had to take a step back a bit.

This space however will always be my solace and I couldn't wait to be back. I immersed myself in creating and cannot wait to share the beautiful content I have lined up. I came to remember the appreciation I had for solitude. It felt like ages and somehow wondered how I'd lost that side of me. The solitary self I identified with throughout my life somewhat revealed itself during this period and I wondered how it was that I completely forgot and drifted from it.

Change was eminent and above everything the whole year reminded me how much my spirituality had always guided and protected me throughout my journey. I had so many epiphanies and all of them pivoted to God revealing His purpose for me, molding me in ways I never thought possible. It truly was the year of revelation and manifestation and if I take away anything, top of the list is to always put your trust and whole being in God. He'll protect and carry you through the journey He intends for your life.

In this period I got that affirmation clearer than I ever have. The future is so bright and I cannot wait to share this unfolding with you guys.

Today we start the year off with this gorgeous piece of a bed sheet I got from Toy Market. I really wished it was a pair so that I work on a nice palazzo set but the vendor only had this one piece left. All in all I couldn't be happier with the outcome and obsessed is how I'd define my feelings towards this project.

I plan to be very intentional with every piece I put out to bring you in on the extent of love I have for this craft. Doesn't hurt one bit that I get to stand for the environment and sustainable fashion while at it. You can catch the full video here and don't forget to subscribe as it truly helps my channel.

I'll stop here and wish you an amazing day wherever you are and can't wait to share the rest of this collection.

Until next time,

Hugs XX.

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