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Hello My Loves,

I know it’s been quite the hiatus here and even starting this off gives me the jitters abit. How’ve you all been? Can I just say how much I’ve missed this space? This hiatus was so unplanned and looking back I just can’t believe it went on for this long.

That said, I am grateful and happy that I actually took the break. Where to begin!!!!

Ever felt like you could see your life transition in real-time? I had a bunch of changes happen back to back at work and my business that somewhat forced this space to take a back sit a bit.

It felt like I had an overall life Detox that I never knew I needed and getting a balance with everything proved a challenge. Add a major creatives block to this and a scrumptious plate of (Hiatus) is served with sprinkles on top. This break gave me so much perspective and I cannot wait to share the amazing collection and projects lined up.

I plan to do a chatty get-ready-with-me video to catch up with you and give insight on the thought process behind this collection so subscribe to my Youtube Channel HERE (it’s free) to stay updated when I post a new video.

Can we just take a moment to appreciate how stunning today’s project is? I could honestly get married in this exact piece because I have always been a proud Circular/Sustainable Fashion designer and I cannot wait to see where this journey takes me.

What is Circular Fashion, you might wonder? This is a form of fashion that entails using recycled items to create new and amazing pieces. I plan to expound on this in the get-ready-with-me video so incase you’d want to hear this subscribe Here to stay updated.

This particular piece was among my favorite (if not my favorite) in this collection. While sourcing for the items, I knew I wanted unique and exquisite items with textures and prints I'd never worked on before.

Unlike popular beliefs, I can attest that Mitumba(Secondhand) markets offer the most unique, the best quality(if you have an eye for this) and the most diverse platform for anything fashion. I can bet that there’s items in these markets with amazing quality that you wouldn’t find in mainstream fabric stores.

This lace for starters is one of the best qualities I’ve worked on. It’s sturdiness and the richness in the embroidery is something to write home about. The texture and pattern of the curtain was what sold it for me and although I wish it had a little stretch to it because then this would be the perfect gown but that was something I could compromise on since it still allowed ease in movement.

Catch the full video here and do tell if you’d wear this exact dress if altered to a design of your liking. I took a poll on my social media to see how many of you would wear this on your wedding day and majority voted they totally would.

Now that the process is out, I am keen to know if they’d still wear it or opt out. I absolutely would, but that’s because I’ve always been a fashion-scavenger and my mantra has always been to be keen on the Details!!!!

Fun fact...... this project initially started off as a submission for a competition that I FAILED at on entry level (lol). I plan to do the whole story on the video and would like to incorporate any fashion and design questions you might have wanted to ask me or might want insight on and I will be more than happy to include them.

For now, until the next project, I will stop here and wish you an amazing day and weekend wherever you are.

Hugs XX

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