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Good Morning Loves,

Hope you've all been keeping well and that you had an a productive week. I know I have been somewhat inconsistent here and these posts haven't been coming to you on time but I promise I've been working to get a running system that'll ensure consistent and amazing content coming your way.

The past few weeks have been quite dense because I've had to make some major and tough changes for my brand. For a while now I've been questioning the direction I'd want my brand to take and the answers haven't been forthcoming because I've been feeling lost and all over the place with everything.

Some soul searching and a couple of events that took place within this period however have opened my eyes to a new and exciting direction that I want to pursue. That is the Recycling and Upcycling section of design.

I knew I wanted to have more impact not only to the community but to the environment as well. The textile industry is quite versatile and I was immensely shocked to see just how much it is inflicting the environment with disposal and pollution seeing how there's always new fabrics and clothes manufactured every day.

This is quite an extensive topic that I am already passionate about and so excited to share with you across the next posts. My Closet will also have an extension where I'll get to share with those who love a good thrift without breaking the bank. This will be on my Instagram who's link is at the bottom of this page so make sure to follow me there to stay updated.

That said, how amazing is this week's look huh!! And to think that this was a bedcover only adds to the icing of this beautiful cake. Catch the full video here or click the video at the bottom of this page and don't forget to subscribe to my channel as it truly helps the brand (It's free to subscribe *wink*) .

I will stop here and dive into this pile of paperwork in my intray and wish you all an amazing weekend ahead.

Hugs Xx

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