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THRIFT TRANSFORMATION: PROJECT # 27: Red Robe and Bedsheet| Aimies Closet


February is already here loves and I'm still wrapping my head around it and getting little jitters because time sure waits for no man.

I hope you've all had an amazing and productive week and that you are looking forward to the weekend. My week could have been more productive and as much as I am somewhat disappointed with this, I'm still thankful I managed to get this post up in time.

Editing has literally become my worst nightmare because these videos take SOOOOOOOOOOOOO Long to put together and when I say long I mean Looooooooooooong *sob* and I remember at one point asking myself if this is even worth it ey!!

Remembering my "Why" for my brand however always brings me back to focus and as much as it's taking a toll on me and my other engagements, I am content with myself for the far I've come and the far my brand is yet to head.

This week's project was one of it's own and I had mixed feelings about it in the beginning, but seeing it here now makes me feel so much love for it. Do have a look at the full video here and please don't forget to subscribe to my YouTube Channel as it truly helps my channel and brand as a whole.

I will stop here and wish you all a beautiful and successful February and an amazing weekend ahead.

Hugs Xx

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