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THRIFT TRANSFORMATION: PROJECT # 25: Poof-Pillow-Cover to Red Pencil Dress


I hope you’ve all been well and that you had an amazing and festive holiday. Mine was so restful and although this hiatus was unplanned, it felt like I truly needed the break and rest. That said, I am so excited and ready for the New Year and its opportunities.

To start the year off, I wanted something that’d fit the comeback and this piece did just that for me. I don’t think I’ve been this torn on the direction I want an outfit to go like I was with this particular piece. I had so many options in mind and happy to say that I am so pleased with this turnout. I might change it up a bit in future but will enjoy and gloat in this piece as is for a while. This is a true depiction of how deep my love for fashion runs (The Endless Options!!).

This could probably be the most stunning shade of red I have ever worked on (No Kidding) and I remember how this was particularly what drew me to this poof cover (Watch the full video here). That and the texture of the fabric had me sold instantly. This for sure is a great way to start my year and I wish you all nothing but growth, happiness and fulfillment in all your endeavors this year.

Do share your thoughts on the same and if this piece hits home as much as it does for me. Until the next post, I will leave you for now and wish you an amazing weekend ahead. Stay safe loves.

Hugs Xx

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