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THRIFT TRANSFORMATION: PROJECT # 24: Black & White Pencil Dress

Hello Loves,

Hope we've all been keeping well. So sorry I couldn't get last week's post out in time but that right there (time) is what seemed to elude me. That said, I don't know why but this post as well was such a struggle to get out.

I hope to get a balance of things soon (feels like I'm always saying this though *sigh*) so that we maintain the momentum with these posts.

This week's project was quite something (you should watch the full video here). I had my initial design in mind but it took a complete turn and we ended up with this cute number. I am honestly not mad because this happens many a times and truth is, I wasn't mad with the turnout.

Feel free to share your thoughts on the same and if you haven't already, please go subscribe to my YouTube Channel.

Until the next project I will sign off here and wish you and amazing weekend ahead.

Hugs Xx

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