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Hello Loves,

Hope you’ve all had an amazing week. Mine has been quite smooth. Saying that in my head makes it dawn on me that I’ve been having quite rough weeks back to back. So I am actually so happy that this is a change here. I pray I don’t jinx myself and have another wind of pathetic weeks.

I’m feeling quite at peace today. This post definitely churns to that fact and as much as I wished to have taken a different route after completion of the project, looking back at the final video has my heart content and happy with this sassy outcome.

This is definitely one number that I’ll wear out to a special dinner date. The entire ambiance came together so well and I think this definitely goes into the list of one of my favorites.

Do share your thoughts and feel free to watch the full video here. Sending you all warm hugs and wishing you an Amazing weekend ahead.

Hugs Xx

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