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BEAUTIFULLY BOTCHED: Worst Dress I've Ever Made.

Hello Loves,

Hope everyone’s been well. I know it’s been a minute since I was on here. Life just threw tones and tones of things at me all at once and finding a balance in juggling everything has been such a challenge. Today’s post is one that I was so skeptical on posting because it’s pretty much the worst project I’ve ever worked on.

Ever felt like something was jinxed from the get-go? Well, that’s the true depiction of today’s post. All fabrics were wrong for this project, supplies ran short and to top it off, I couldn’t get even ONE decent picture from this shoot.

If I hadn’t filmed the process I would have easily done away with it and focus on something else. I was so excited to work on this project and wanted it to be a special post on my birthday which was 3 weeks ago so that was another low blow.

That said, I decided to still post it because I want this platform to be as transparent as possible and truth is, sometimes, things don’t always go as planned. My path with being a designer has been more of a trial-and-error journey and to an extent, that’s what excites me (Trying something new and forging ideas and designs that I’ve never done before). I think this is actually the whole depiction of a designer, and that’s creating pieces never done before.

This was insanely frustrating for me considering the amount of time and effort invested in this piece. What drills that frustration even further is the fact that I had the Longest day ever shooting content only to look at the pictures for this look and find ZERO clear photos (so please pardon the quality of the few that are here).

I would have re-done the shoot but saw no point because the project was botched right from the get-go.

I’ll stop with the ranting now and let you watch the video here where I speak on everything that was wrong with this dress and what I’ll definitely change when re-doing it. Sometimes you just have to pick yourself up, dust off the frustration and forge on.

Until the next project, I’m sending you all warm hugs and wishing you an amazing weekend ahead.


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