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Hello my Loves,

I hope you’ve all had an amazing week. Mine in a nutshell? (Thank God It’s Friday!!!!) that pretty much sums it up. Huge apologies for not having the weekly transformation video out this week. I yielded to the fact that I couldn’t get to it from Monday. That tells you how jam-packed my week has been but I will definitely have an amazing one up next week.

My birthday is coming up soon, next week to be precise and I honestly don’t even know what emotions are flooding me at the moment. If you’ve been an ardent reader here then you’ll know how I’ve always hated my birthdays. Most times I’ve always just wanted the day and fuss that comes with it to be over and done with.

Lately though I’ve been trying to have a change of perspective. Use it to reflect and be thankful for everything and everyone I have, not be too hard on myself for the yearly goals not achieved (I can confess that this is mostly the reason why I dread my birthdays. Focusing on what I haven’t achieved and neglecting everything else). With reflection and some major losses I’ve experienced, I decided to start being thankful for what I indeed have.

That said, I’ll be working on a special piece for next week’s post. I already have the concept in mind and just yearning to get my hands busy to create so look out for that.

Today’s look is one that I shot months ago. I honestly don’t know why I never post some of the content I have sitting in my drive. I’m thinking of adding this beautiful robe to my fall collection and when creating, my purpose has always been to do pieces that are do-able and versatile. I'll have another post up tomorrow morning on this same piece but having worn it in a different way. I need to tweak it a bit and maybe use a different print for the collection but I’ll see what vibe I’ll have when at the fabric store.

I have such a busy weekend ahead and a little part of me wishes I could fast-forward to one where I’ll have zero reason to leave the house the entire weekend. Still, onward we press.

Have an amazing weekend my loves. Stay safe and tell someone you love and haven’t spoken to in a while that you do love them and miss them.

Until next time.. Hugs Xx

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