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Hello my loves,

Hope everyone’s been great and that your week has been fruitful. It’s been a little while since I posted I know but I am so happy to be back.

I was so ill you guys, and it’s been such an awakening time for me and I am more grateful and appreciative to be alive and well and slowly gearing up to be my full healthy self again.

In other news, how cute is this number you guys? I was so excited to work on it and the outcome is well into my top favorites at the moment. Do you guys love frills as much as I do? I shared this look with my best friend and was insanely surprised to hear that she’d love this piece even more without the frills. Thank God for endless options when it comes to fashion. Little tweaks here and there make it so exciting for me to work on any project.

That said, I think I’ll try include more pieces without frills just so I can have a feel of the same. I pray to be back to normal weekly schedules and cannot wait to share more of the ideas I have.

As usual, until next week, I wish you all an amazing Weekend.

Sending you all Warm Hugs.. Xx

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