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It's your girl Loves. Decided to do a random post today because, truthfully, procrastination came to play and I have been debating if to even post it for the longest time.

My beautiful sister Leila took these pictures for me a while back and aside the love for the ensemble, I needed something to smile about today. I've been struggling so much with balance of everything running in my life. Too much to do, so little time and top that with a meh mood-phase that doesn't seem to want to end.

Ever had times when you just wish you could press pause on life? That's me lately. In that same breath, I will pause on this rant and let you know that In case life's throwing things at you all at once, you are not alone.

Let me continue with the quest of trying to focus on other positive things (Like this Post). Enjoy your Tuesday and have an amazing remainder of the week.

See you guys soon.

Hugs XX


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