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Good Monday Afternoon Loves.

Hoping you all had a fabulous weekend :). Mine was AMAZING to say the least. We had a pre-birthday party for my beautiful sister whose main birthday is tomorrow and it was such a delight just celebrating her with close friends.

This however, is a memory that I’m currently wishing to teleport back to right now. Adulting can be such a sour bite to swallow and the more I think about it, the more I wonder if there's anyone who's mastered the balance.

Is there even potential of a balance to begin with? 90 % of the times I wish I had a robotic clone of myself. Something however tells me that even if this was possible, one way or another I'd still find something to whine about, this is the subconscious nature of us humans after all ain't it?

During my hiatus, I finally mastered the courage and got a studio space for my clothesline. Believe me guys, this was one of my biggest fears ever. Concerns of managing it all crept in so many a times (they still do) and most times I find myself falling off from my scheduled days feeling so lost in how to juggle it all.

Reality however, somehow has a very blunt way of getting your a** up and just getting things done. Needless to say, my studio is for sure my happy place. I find so much joy when there and furnishing it slowly all by myself just tops the list of reasons why it’s so close to my heart and why I love it so much. This said, despite the confusion of finding a balance between it and my official job, it is well worth it.

Do you guys struggle with balance of just about everything in your life? How do you cope? Are you happy with where things are at in your life right now? Could you do better if you planned better? Feel free to share your thoughts down below.

Lately I’ve found that things get a somewhat smooth transition and I get more done once I fill in my memo for the day/week. The only struggle is to actually stay disciplined in executing the same.

In the meantime, since I never got around to jot down this weeks’ schedule on my memo, let me do that now as I embark on tackling this day and week. Sending you all the warmest of hugs and wishing you a productive week ahead. Let's boss it up guys, no matter the huddles.

Hugs XX


Pants, Hat, Shirt:-Toy Market

Tube top and neck piece: DIY by yours truly

Shoes:-Adams Arcade

Clutch: Old


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