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Nothing like Fridays!!!! I hope you’ve all had a productive week. This is a fun Friday for me because I’ll be spending the better part of my day playing sports with my colleagues and just doing abit of bonding with everyone, such a fun vibe.

Today’s look is one that I put together so last minute and I remember being abit torn with what I’d pair this favorite skirt with until I came across this really old blouse that I’d not worn in a while. There’s something dreamy about this shade of blue that is just so catchy.

I decided to add some mph to the look and gave it that off shoulder effect and a cropped knot to spruce things up abit and I must admit that I absolutely love it. I will end today’s post here and wish you all a lovely and restful weekend ahead.

Hugs XX


Skirt:-By Me

Blue Blouse:-Old

Shoes:-Adams Arcade


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