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Pushing Through

Hello my lovely people. I hope you’ve all had a wonderful week. I won’t even sugarcoat this, mine has been quite shitty to be honest. Felt like one roller-coaster after another and just when I thought I’d be getting a break, another wave hits *sigh*. I honestly cannot wait for this day to come to an end in hopes that this was just a bad week and not a bad life awaiting me.

All said and done, I will say that I am thankful because in all truths, things could have been worse, so, this is me dusting off the curves this week has thrown at me and smiling as I look forward to better and brighter array of things ahead. And, that note will most definitely start with today’s post.

I must confess that this skirt has had a majority showcase on the blog and to be honest, there's no plans of stopping, so brace yourself to seeing much more of this favorite number. This fur coat..................................... (still taking a breather as I find words to describe just how much I love this piece). By far, this is one of the best finds and investments I’ve ever made. There’s just a “wow” factor whenever I wear this coat and I’m telling you guys I have nothing that is as warm, soft and as cozy as this coat right here. I love it so much.

That said, it was pretty easy to put this look together once I had the top and skirt figured out. I had to bring out my fishnet stockings and my subtle white pumps have never disappointed.

I will end this here and wish you all a wonderful weekend ahead. Remember, just because you’re having a bad day, or week or even month, doesn’t mean you’ll be having a bad life. These are the words that I’ve been heeding to all week.

Hugs XX


Fur Coat & Fishnet Stockings:-Toy Market

Skirt:-By Me

Shoes:-Adams Arcade


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