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His Shirt

Some Monday this is, A God given one so, despite me landing running from morning, I am a happy lass. How have you been guys? Trusting well. This post was supposed to go up on Friday but time was something I was deprived off for this.

I was walking in downtown one Saturday and I remember seeing a street vendor selling shirts and as I walked on, I got this outfit idea set and knew I had to get a shirt from him on my way back. I remember him giggling as I stood there and just went “Give me the largest shirt you have in white”. Did I mention that this was only Kshs.300? Win!!!!!!

Why I'm more than averagely thrilled about this is because of the versatility it has and I am looking forward to recreating it and pairing it with other pieces. If you have a boyfriend or hubby, then I know if not once, then you’ve stolen a couple of his shirts or even jeans at some point. Isn’t that what relationships are for *insert the smirk smiley here*.

Anyhu, this is definitely one of my favorite looks and I went ahead and added some shoe laces to add some little diversity to my strappy heels. Let me know your thoughts and thank you so much for stopping by.

Sending you warm hugs XX.



Shoes:-Adams Arcade (shoelaces from other shoes)


Chocker:- DIY

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