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This entire day has sure felt like Monday for me. THANK GOODNESS its Friday ey!!!! That Madaraka day holiday yesterday was such a blessing. Hello loves, hoping you’ve all had an amazing week. Mine has been super busy to say the least, BUT!!!!, I am thankful and very happy that the weekend awaits.

This look you guys, I cannot begin to explain the depths of my profound love for it. So much so, it felt like I was pretty much gliding through the shoot. To be honest though, this shoot wasn’t such a breeze for me and until I got to look at the pictures on the laptop, I was pretty sure I wouldn’t do this post today because I knew for sure I wouldn't have a good picture.

To begin with, the moment we stepped out to start shooting and one person saw me, the entire village came out and somewhat set camp with me as the entertainment. Only thing missing was a bonfire and some S’more to complete the set up.

I for one not only dread attention, I absolutely detest it. I was insanely uncomfortable and many a times I asked my sister to just cancel and reschedule, and she wouldn’t have it and kept asking me where the staring eyes would take me.

I can honestly declare that that’s the reason I don’t have a smile on any of these photos (lol). Is this just me or do you guys hate it when you have onlookers at your shoots? I know I need to master this and get over it but at the very moment, I’m not quite ready.

All said and done, I think everything came together so well and I feel that even without the smiles, this entire look made me feel like a black swan of some sort, one that knows exactly what it came to do and a smile would only tarnish it’s reputation (ok maybe that's a tad bit over the top) but I hope you guys get my point.

I made this gown in two hours your guys (I’m ready for the stone throwers), so last minute. I wore it to a red carpet gala and on that particular night, I felt so royal with the entire valet treatment and swan like catwalk into the gala. It was such a beautiful and magical night.

I was feeling quite drab on the morning of this shoot day and it is so amazing how much dressing up, putting on makeup and the whole shebang just changes someone’s attitude. I had no where to go after this shoot you guys but you know what, I absolutely loved the feeling after dressing up and looking at myself in the mirror. At least I got to learn a new booster idea for those days when I’m just not feeling myself to the fullest.

Aaaaaaaaaaaaand, this post has dragged on so much so I will leave you guys here, bid you for now and wish you a wonderful weekend ahead.

As always, Hugs XX


Gown:By yours truly


Rings: Thrifted

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