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August 29, 2020

Hello loves,

Hope you’re all doing great.  This post was meant to go up last week but like jinx would have it, somehow the files were corrupt and I literally had to plan another entire shoot for the final look.  Good thing is that we are finally here and despite the set...

July 25, 2020

Hello Loves,

Hope you've all been keeping well and staying safe.  It's been a good one for me except I still haven't mastered this procrastination that has had editing still proving a task.  This truly sucks and I think I might have hit a creative's block at some point....

June 18, 2020

Hello my Loves,

Hope you've all been well.  I'm sorry this post took longer than anticipated to get here.  I had the most frustrating time during the process.  My editor crashed and rendered half of the video which had me try a different route because I couldn't imagine...

May 27, 2020

Hello my Loves,

Hope you are doing ok and still keeping safe.  This video has taken a little longer to get here than I'd anticipated because editing has just been such a struggle (*sob*).

I however decided not to be too hard on myself and take things easy because I...

May 2, 2020

Happy Saturday my loves,

Hope we are all keeping safe and still maintaining social distancing as much as we can.  Today I've got a really cute video of this gorgeous Ankara Set that I made last year but didn't get to sell.  I remember saying to myself that once I was do...

April 28, 2020

Hello my loves,

How are you doing?  I've missed this space so much.  So sorry I pulled another MIA stunt (Again).  That said, I truly hope and pray you are safe and keeping well wherever you are.  I on the other hand have been doing gratefully well.  I consciously decid...

March 7, 2020

Good Morning My Loves,

Hope you've all had an amazing and productive week.  Mine was quite productive and I am currently on my couch with my hot cuppa as I work on this post.

The week started off a bit slow but I am glad I was able to get into the thick of things and got...

February 15, 2020

Hello my loves,

Happy Valentines Weekend!!!

I hope you’re enjoying it with the ones you love the most and that the week has been productive and smooth.  This week’s post goes perfectly with the love theme and obsessed is pretty much the only word that best fits my sent...

February 8, 2020

Good Saturday Morning Loves,

Hope you've all had a productive week.  Mine has been such a drag.  Drag in thoughts, drag in execution and just all round meh!!!!  Wondering if the year is feeling the same for you so far.  I know when this goes up I'll be on the road to st...

January 24, 2020

Hello My Loves,

Hope you’ve all had an amazing week.  January is off to such a great start on my end and I couldn’t be more grateful.  The week has been smooth and rewarding and I am looking forward to the weekend to wind down after a few errands I have underway.


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